Helping you move away from feeling lost, not knowing who you are anymore and feeling the need to be all the things to all the people.

Therapeutic Coaching for women who feel like they’ve lost their identity.

My style of coaching is intuitive, empathetic and empowering, which means it is a unique experience for everyone that I work with.

 Hi! I’m Katy

I’m a therapeutic coach that works with women, like you, who feel like they’ve lost their identity to help them reconnect with who they are, get clarity on what they want from life and create a simple plan for how to get there.

How? By showing you that focusing on yourself, on your own needs and desires, on slowing down the thoughts that race a million miles an hour through your mind, can bring you clarity and a clear path forward.

Personal development isn’t something that you do once and then forget about. It is something that should become an integral part of your life, designed to help you to succeed in all areas.

My coaching comes with a twist, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, together we will challenge the way you currently think and behave, and make the changes you need but don’t have the courage to make alone. 

therapeutic coaching

“Katy offered generous curiosity alongside thoughtful insights throughout all our sessions. She asked all the right questions – often questions I’d been avoiding asking myself. She was able to draw together different strands of what I said and play them back to me clearly, framing my problems so they suddenly felt bite-sized and manageable. I came away from each session with a sense of clarity, calm and ‘I can do this’ness about me, and it’s one I can still tune into now.”

Emma Winterschladen

What can we do together?

Personal Coaching

therapeutic coaching

Coaching for Businesses

My coaching sessions with Katy were of incredible support, at a critical time for me when I was starting a new business. 

I was surprised by how fast I felt at ease with her, within the first minutes of our session. This allowed me to share vulnerably, and to really tap into what was important and alive for me at the time. 

 She has a warmth about her that feels nurturing, and her questions are always thoughtfully directed for a deeper enquiry. 

 I would recommend her to anyone, as a truly great coach.”

Margot de Broglie

What people say about me…

“I was surprised at how easy it felt to unpack some of my pain points with her. She is a great listener and from one session to the next, it felt like the conversation could immediately start back up where we’d left it off, making progress smooth and tangible. “

“My sessions with Katy allowed me to pay attention to what it was that I needed to work on within myself. Sometimes simply having the space to explore your own thoughts and feelings can be really powerful. “

“I always left our sessions feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle problems head-on. She is such an empathetic ear, which made it so much easier to share my struggles and actually make progress. I can’t recommend Katy enough as a coach. “