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Do you feel in control?
Are you living a life you love?
Or does life seem to just ‘happen’ to you? 

Are you spinning so many plates that just keeping them all in the air is a challenge, let alone giving them all the attention that they truly need and deserve?

Trust me when I tell you that I know exactly how you feel. That used to be me…

I’m Katy, a certified coach, entrepreneur, wife, mother of two and I’m as close as it gets to a professional plate spinner.

I was a people pleaser, I put everyone else’s needs before my own, I was on the verge of burnout and I didn’t even realise it. I was tired, frustrated, and stuck. Is this sounding familiar? 

I tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to try and turn things around, I spent my time doing what everyone else thought that I should do, but nothing seemed to work. Self-help books, essential oils, meditating, walking, changing my diet…I tried it all. None of it worked.

If anything, it only made me feel more miserable.

I was failing to see through the fog and the more I tried the more it closed in on me and the more frustrated and stuck I felt.

So, what helped in the end? I found a coach who created SPACE for me. A space where I felt safe, where I could sort through and LISTEN to my own needs. I learned how to implement small, manageable changes that came together to make a BIG difference. Most of all I learned to show myself kindness and empathy and to remember that I am only human and need to give myself a break.

As a Personal Development Coach, my aim is to bring you that same space, to help you to create change and find your own unique balance so that you can build a life you love.

Is it going to be easy? Probably not.
Will it happen overnight? I doubt it.
Do you have to do it alone? Absolutely not, that is what I am here for.

I will empower you and coach you on your personal development journey. 

Whether you need support personally or professionally my coaching sessions will help you to cut through the fog and see clearly.

Together we will create an actionable plan that you truly align with.

“She has a delicate and caring way of setting up an open and safe space to talk. I was surprised at how easy it felt to unpack some of my pain points with her. She is a great listener and from one session to the next, it felt like the conversation could immediately start back up where we’d left it off, making progress smooth and tangible.”

Sedera Ranaivoarinosy

Is Coaching is Right For Me?

You might be feeling:

😵‍💫 overwhelmed by the pressure of life and business

😥 that you don’t have the confidence you need to move forwards

🤯 that you’re at a crossroads and can’t make a decision

😫 that you’re spinning too many plates and can’t keep them up

​🎉 that you are ready to make a change

🎉 that you are ready to build a life you love

Our sessions will be:

⚡️relaxed and informal

⚡️confidential, a safe space for you to talk openly

⚡️non-judgemental and empathetic

⚡️set to your pace, I won’t push you but I will challenge you

⚡️ 60 minutes 

I’ve been there, and so many of my clients have as well. I can help you to explore yourself and figure out what is holding you back and how you can move forwards in small, actionable steps. 

I won’t be telling you what I think you should do, but I will help you figure it out.​

“The power hour had quite an impact on me, but in a way, I didn’t expect or felt prepared for. I’ve felt quite a shift in the few days following it, almost like it unearthed a much-needed breakthrough. I needed that. Thank you for holding space for me xxx”


1:1 Coaching Packages

1:1 Coaching session

I offer 1:1 60 minute sessions to be taken at a time that works for you, either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with no commitment period. Not all sizes fit all and I aim to make sure that our sessions are bespoke to you.

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My style of coaching is intuitive, empathetic and empowering, which means it is a unique experience for everyone that I work with.

I will create a safe space, where you can work through the challenges, break down the walls, and learn to thrive.

Every session is confidential, informal and designed to help you move forward in an achievable way. 


Time to Thrive

This 4 month programme is for ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, who want to move away from the hustle and burn out and create a business that is achievable, scalable and aligned. 

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We will be covering 4 modules but 1 part of each module per week, meaning that we will be reviewing, implementing and testing constantly throughout the 4 months, so that at the end you come out with a tried and tested business that makes you successful, fulfilled and thriving.

You get:

16x 1 hour coaching & mentoring sessions

Tech advice & implementation

Strength finder

Voxer access Monday – Friday 10-5

Payment plans available