Your programme for growth…

​Is this you?

❌ You’re always putting your work and your client’s needs before your own.

❌ You’re a classic people pleaser.

❌ You feel on the verge of burnout.

❌ ​Everyone is taking pieces of you and you worry there’s nothing left.

❌ You don’t really know who you are anymore.

Do you want…

☑️ To know and understand your values

☑️ To be clear on how you want your business to look and how to get there

☑️ To learn how to start putting yourself first

☑️ To move away from the verge of burnout

☑️ ​To learn tools and techniques to use in your everyday life

☑️ ​To feel more confident in yourself and your decisions

☑️ ​To be able to say NO confidently and without fear

​☑️ To feel less crappy 

☑️ ​To have a place to go to when you need to share your wins and to vent if you’ve had a crappy day


⚡️16x 60-minute sessions over 4 months

⚡️ Remote access Monday – Friday via Voxer

⚡️ Strength Tests

⚡️ Coaching

⚡️ Mentoring

⚡️ Tech Implementation, not just suggestions


💫 Back to Business Basics

💫  Systemise to Optismise

💫  Sales, Marketing & Visibility

💫  Confidence, Courage & Clarity

“Katy was able to keep up with my rapidly changing priorities and helped me to work through a number of decisions, guiding me to create a framework for decision making that I will continue to use moving forward. I found her easy to open up to, and was able to speak about a range of topics with the knowledge that she would be able to pick up patterns I might not have been able to see myself.”



Back to Business Basics

What we will cover:

Current business setup includes turnover/profit, capacity, services & pricing, what’s working well, what’s not working well, where do you want to be, goal setting, what is important to you and more…

Systemise to Optimise

What we will cover:

Current tech setup includes what you’re using now, optimising, marketing (social & email), funnels, project management, SOP’s, automation and more…

Sales, Marketing & Visibility

What we will cover:

Current marketing setup includes an ideal client profile, content pillars, marketing strategy, sales strategy and more…

Courage, Confidence & Clarity

What we will cover:

Mindset, confidence, reconnecting with you, clarity around goals and what is important to you, uncovering limiting beliefs, thought patterns and behaviour patterns and more…

Our sessions will be:

⚡️relaxed and informal

⚡️confidential, a safe space for you to talk openly

⚡️non-judgemental and empathetic

⚡️set to your pace, I won’t push you but I will challenge you

⚡️ empowering and motivational

” I’d often find that with Katy’s prompts and nudges I would work out my own solutions to the things I was struggling with. I left the sessions feeling lighter and more organised and the homework kept me accountable for the things I wanted to achieve. Katy was kind, patient with my ramblings and my biggest cheerleader when I achieved things I’ve been putting off for years!”


Social Media Manager


Time to Thrive

Payment plans available

More Details

We will be covering 4 modules but 1 part of each module per week, meaning that we will be reviewing, implementing and testing constantly throughout the 4 months, so that at the end you come out with a tried and tested business that makes you successful, fulfilled and thriving.

You get:

16x 1 hour coaching & mentoring sessions

Tech advice & implementation

Strength finder

Voxer access Monday – Friday 10-5

Payment plans available