Top 9 Productivity Tips

1. Make a list.
This is vital to me, I use online platforms such as, Trello, or Asana to manage my to-do list, but a simple pen and paper are equally as effective. Make a list of jobs in order of importance and urgency and stick to it.
2. Break down your tasks into smaller pieces.
Sometimes our tasks can seem a bit overwhelming, and there is nothing that the procrastination devil likes more than the feeling of being overwhelmed! Break down your tasks into small to-do lists. For example, instead of ‘write a blog post on productivity tips’ you could have 1. research productivity tips on Google 2. write down my ideas for being productive 3. go through all ideas and write a sentence about them. See? Easier to manage!
3. Take a break.
But a proper break, get up, get moving, get outside and do something totally unrelated to your work. It will freshen you up and enable you to feel clear-headed and ready for the next part of your day.

It can be hard to maintain productivity, especially at the moment when it’s hard to keep track of what day of the week it is and you might have kids (or partners) running rings around you all day.

4. Start working before you are motivated.
You might be feeling a bit flat, a bit deflated, and you think you might put off your next task until later…don’t! Start doing something, even something small. Once you start it is so much easier to keep going.
5. Don’t multi-task!
It is hard, for both men and women, and really, all you are doing is splitting your thought process between 2 or more different tasks and not giving anything your full attention. Focus on one task at a time and make sure that you finish, or properly pause, before starting something else.
Katy Humphrey

A messy space is a messy mind.

6. Talk to yourself differently.
Challenge your thoughts and create a positive mindset. Instead of telling yourself ‘I am so stressed, I am so overwhelmed, I can’t cope’, try ‘I know what I need to get done, how shall I start?’, ‘What is causing my stress and how can I manage this situation better?’ The words that you use to yourself can either empower you or make you feel hopeless.
Get your office (or wherever you are working from) de-cluttered and tidied.
7. Outsourcing!
Outsource everything that you can’t be the best at, or don’t feel passionate about. Focus on what it is that you love. This is where a VA comes in handy!
9. Drink more water.
Feeling dehydrated can make you feel lethargic and unenergised. Keep your energy levels high and keep hydrated.
10. Don’t be too available.
If you need to focus on an important task then turn off your devices, pause Netflix, close the door (you can give the kids an hour iPad time, they will thank you for it!), and just try and have a quiet space to focus. Even if it’s only for a few minutes!


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