Who is a development coach for?


Obviously, you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? But hear me out. So often we look at coaching or therapy when we are at our lowest, we wait until we are REALLY suffering to take that step and ask for help.

We’ve all heard the words ‘preventative measures’ and I get it, it doesn’t sound very sexy or very urgent, does it? BUT it is something that we need to get more used to.

Why should we wait until we are suffering to learn how to regulate our emotions, explore and investigate our limiting beliefs, to take small steps forwards in living a happier life. (Notice I didn’t say a happy life – we have a plethora of emotions and they are all okay)

Coaching sessions with me are not about ‘hitting £10k months’ or ‘getting 10k followers’, (no shade if that’s your bag, it’s just not what I’m about).

They are about looking at ourselves, and I mean really looking inwards, about picking apart our conditioning, about figuring out what we really want and letting go of what we think we should want.

We all have innate well-being, it just gets so covered up and hidden with second-hand beliefs, other people’s opinions, comparisons, assumptions and roles.
Katy humphrey

I’m here to help you get back to you. To your true self.

Our sessions are a space for you to talk freely, free from judgement or assumption.

I will ask you questions and offer reflections of what I’m noticing, sometimes sewing a thread between behaviours or thought patterns that you weren’t aware of. We walk your journey together, side by side, while I listen to you, believe in you and support you along the way.

The most effective coaching comes from a place of curiosity, lack of assumption and non-judgement, this is my strength, my superpower.
If you resonate with any of this or think you might like some coaching sessions, please book a free chat HERE. You won’t get any sleazy sales tactics from me, just love and support!

Don’t leave personal development or support until you’re suffering <3


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